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This new project is more of an internal component of the Komodo ecosystem.SuperNET and all of its CORE coins will automatically gain access to this functionality.

This is just one among many features which make it the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet on the market.

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The internet of coins: solving scalability, speed, privacy, stability and killing fiat money.This limits their capacity to innovate and achieve lasting change on a global scale.SuperNET is a collaborative community of participating cryptocurrency coins and their development teams, alongside innovative coders, networking. Find out more.

All too often, the projects and businesses driving change are developed in isolation from one another.

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Allows our applications to do peer to peer coin exchange without any counter-party risk.

Please dont ask me which one as it will be announced sometime soon James.The new SuperNet initiative, also known as the Unity Platform, is peaking interest in crypto-tech alt-coin alternatives like Bitcoin through its new v1 software release.The distribution of the KMD coins is currently ongoing and the first batch.Coin King Multipool Litecoinpool www.

Bitcoin Press Launch: SuperNET team, the minds behind ZCash based Komodo cryptocurrency method has introduced the launch of its EasyDEX decentralized exchange system.The idea behind SuperNET is simple but powerful: to create a mutually beneficial network of coins that offer.When it comes to keeping your cryptocurrency safe and secure, there are quite a lot of different solutions to tackle this problem.However, all you really need is a.The features of each core coin will be made available. any of the coins they support, making SuperNET a.A new consensus mechanism that uses Bitcoin and Komodo to give a second security layer to any other blockchain.A robust peer-to-peer infrastructure ensures we can work together throughout the world.

A wide range of decentralized products and services can be built with our technology.Is Atomic Cross-Blockchain Interoperability the. it is possible for users to exchange coins.Over 3500 Bitcoin has been raised for the SuperNet. solutions and innovative technology hence alt coins that. to strengthen CORE coin.

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Tidex is a new exchange that will be based in the UK and

Opal, an privacy and ease-of-use-centric crypto-currency application, has joined the SuperNET Core.I just released the enhancements needed to the iguana core,.

SuperNET will bring together a number of promising cryptocurrencies with strong technology.NXT assets and supertraders losing their entire bankroll and all the SuperNET invested coins to blowup and become worthless.BitcoinDark is a community driven project which aims to fulfill the original ideals of crypto-currency: Decentralization, Openness, and Anonymity. 22 million total coins.SuperNET is a collaborative community of participating cryptocurrency coins.Fibre Currency. 1K likes. superNET is officially welcoming FIBRE as its latest CORE coin from today on:).EasyDEX, created by SuperNet, is a fully decentralized exchange which allows you to trade popular cryptocurrencies without your actual coins.The keystone in the SuperNET ecosystem is Komodo - a smart contract platform which comes with powerful security and privacy features.Jumblr, created by SuperNet, is a decentralized coin shuffling service built into the easy to use wallet named Agama. Crypto Core Media.

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Our community, businesses and projects are a loosely-formed collective, tirelessly working towards our vision.

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