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The word appears in their full state name and in documents like the state constitution.Puerto Rico is turning into Detroit. If Puerto Rico were a state,.Since the song Despacito, by the Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, came out last January, its YouTube video has been viewed more than 3.2 b.Puerto Ricans voted in favor of statehood last night in a non-binding referendum.

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If Puerto Rico becomes a state, that means they are no longer their own country and cannot be represented as such.By Chris Bunting. Puerto Rico would be the only state to have.

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Primarily, public opinion of Puerto Ricans are not in agreement on the issue.

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The island has lost over 10% of its population -- roughly 440,000 people -- in the past decade.

Puerto Rico responds to its fiscal crisis with a regressive tax.

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Being under the US territory for many years, Puerto Rico is fully protected and supported by the US government, but this does not mean that Puerto Ricans have all of the same rights as stateside residents of the US.By making Puerto Rico a state, it would give all its citizens the right to vote on the things that would impact them.For example, a New York resident who purchases California municipal debt will most likely have to pay New York state taxes on that bond.Puerto Rican voters this week backed a ballot measure that endorses U.S. statehood for the first time in its history, but the odds remain long that lingering.

This means that all residents would get access to job and income creation benefits that could make a difference.Nearly half of all people in Puerto Rico are living under the poverty line, and its integration as a full state would bring job opportunities and a wealth of benefits to a country that desperately needs it.Time and time again, people in Puerto Rico have continuously vote for remaining a separate territory from the US, but does not stop those people who are calling for statehood.

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I hate linking to wiki articles, but this is a highly complicated issue, and is worth the reading: Political status of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico voted to remai.

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He told CNNMoney the typical purchaser is a single Puerto Rican woman in her early 30s with a graduate degree.Hedge fund billionaire John Paulson has been scooping up real estate there.Tourism is the biggest source of revenue for Puerto Rico, and if it were to become a state, then its novelty would wear off.Printable map of Puerto Rico and info and links to Puerto Rico facts, famous natives, landforms,.Puerto Rico and Other Territories Vote in Primaries, But Not in.If Puerto Rico were to become a state, it citizens would no longer be exempt from the federal income tax, forcing more people into the public dole due to the effects of increased taxes on a struggling economy.

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While most of the U.S. freezes in February, Puerto Rico is 80 degrees.

According to records, Puerto Rico is costing the US over USD22 billion a year, but as a state, it can contribute nearly USD2 billion to the US Treasury every year.

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Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC.Laws authorizing such programs are one mechanism by which state governments seek to reduce overall health and medical costs. skip to page content. Puerto Rico.

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Adding the country to the state roster of the US would bring in a huge amount of extra revenue each year for the Federal Reserve, of which money would be brought in through income taxes and sales.Currently, Puerto Ricans do not exercise sovereignty over their own affairs.

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Illinois’ problem isn’t democratic socialism (if the state’s governing ideology can be said to be...Explore the pros and cons of the debate Puerto Rico should become a state.The home next to hers is empty and she knows of two other vacant properties a few houses down.Though the US Congress has the final say of everything that would go on in Puerto Rico, it is not possible for its citizens to vote in US elections, which means that statutes and laws that apply to them are not things they can vote on.Congresswoman on 100 Years of U.S. Citizenship for Puerto Ricans - Duration:.Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed.Puerto Rico could soon become the 51st state of the United States.I was left wondering why Puerto Rico had an Olympic team. a self-governing free associated state with.