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I would be interested in your thoughts, if you have any on the subject.I ordered these from BTC Guild and received them in about a week.Tanynel on Building a 12TB Mini ITX FreeNAS Server bart carter on Recovering a NeatWorks database Mulomba H on How to Configure a DNS Blacklist Using pfSense Categories Hardware FreeNAS Networking.

Sam graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City with a bachelors degree in Information Technology.This Raspberry Pi setup will work with any USB miner supported by cgminer so if a newer model comes out that looks profitable you can still apply the same concept.Luckily I was able to get some of these USB Block Erupters early enough to earn some return before the difficulty rose too high.Find best value and selection for your 11Mh s Darkcoin or 3 5Mh s Scrypt GPU Miner Scrypt N Bitcoin Dogecoin Litecoin.

Now are you able to use this setup for other e-currency like Dogecoins or anything.User Friendly Simply plug your Imperium Miner Rig in to any 100-240VAC circuit, plug in the Ethernet connections to your router or cable modem, turn it on and they.

The soldering difficulty level was pretty easy, the entire board took less than 30 minutes to build.

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I recommend running the numbers through the Gensis Block Mining calculator ( ) to estimate ROI.With a power requirement of only 2.5 watts each these are a good option for anyone looking to stop mining on their GPUs and move to a more power efficient mining rig.The main screen shows the number of accepted shares, rejects, and average hash rate.

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The crew at ThinkComputers has posted an article today that showcases some really ghetto crypto-currency mining rigs.Built-Bitcoin-Litecoin-Mining-Rig-800-MH-s-BTC-/161009000738?pt. that many Gh/s for bitcoin or Kh/s for Litecoin,...

First Scrypt ASIC mining machine with highest efficiency, compact form factor and built-in power supply.

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The focus is to unite renters and rig owners for the purpose of exchanging BTC for.So if you plan to run these miners without a monitor connected to the Pi then the LCD makes perfect sense.TCO has been lower compared to when I used to replace my desktop every 2-3 years.So Far my rig has been working well, no issues to report yet.This rig is setup to mine ZCash, Ethereum or Monero, but can also mine any GPU minable coin, including Decred, Litecoin.

USB Hub Compatibility When I first looked at doing this project I was planning to use an Anker 10 port USB 3.0 hub that would allow the ASICS to sit vertically into the hub.Unlike yours though, my fans started to go out after about 4 years and required fresh lubricant every six months or so.The great thing about middlecoin is that it waits until the altcoin matures,.Sam enjoys the challenge of troubleshooting complex problems and is constantly experimenting with new technologies.

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How do you get data from the miner client to display it on the LCD.Great build I am actually going to order the parts, but I am new to the raspberry pi.

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The LCD display is completely optional, you can still do everything with out it.

BTC Guild recently started reselling the Block Erupters as individual units eliminating the need to participate in a larger group buy which has made it much easier to purchase these tiny ASICS.In fact they are being discontinued in anticipation of a newer model being released.After running for a few minutes the heatsink gets extremely hot, you can easily burn your hand on them if you are not careful.

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This seemed like a cool use for the Pi and reason to get the soldering iron out so I decided to order the parts and put it together.As I started researching this hub I found that many users reported issues with using the Raspberry Pi with the Anker hub.